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Kulshan Carbon Trust

Building Alliances for Natural Climate Solutions


We are a local nonprofit

implementing collaborative natural climate solutions through landholder engagement, market incentives,

and workforce training.

Protect in Place

Develop & Secure Legal Carbon Rights

Cultivate for Carbon

Implement Natural Climate Solutions in Forests & Fields

Take Action Together

Engage Landholders, Nonprofits, Businesses & Experts

The Kulshan Carbon Trust provides an organizational framework that puts people to work on public and private lands to protect existing carbon reserves and rebuild carbon stockpiles in soils and plants for the public interest and on behalf of future generations. We aim to create a network of nonprofit “carbon conservation trusts” working with landholders to decarbonize their operations in forests and fields in exchange for financial compensation or carbon credits.

Our Kulshan Carbon Trust is only the beginning. 



Our mission is to conserve and sequester carbon through collaborative natural climate solutions in Whatcom and Skagit Counties. 

We envision people working together to drawdown carbon in ways that regenerate the land and build prosperous communities.



Our innovative process uses workgroups as the vehicle for multidisciplinary and intersectional stakeholder engagement through systems thinking. We will train KCT field teams to approach our neighbors well-prepared to tailor natural climate solutions that match their interests and the local environment. To do so, our workgroups will review available data and use scientific methods to recommend drawdown solutions that achieve both mitigation and adaptation (i.e., agroforestry, silvopasture, biochar, and regenerative agriculture).  

Alongside the Kulshan Carbon Trust and our partners, landowners can confidently manage their holdings and realize economic benefits by securing and trading carbon assets while sustainably producing food and increasing resiliency in our communities. 



If you have questions, are interested in learning more, or want to explore a partnership with the KCT let us know below!

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