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Kulshan Carbon Trust

Building Alliances for Natural Climate Solutions

Promoting collaborative natural climate solutions in Northwest Washington through technical assistance, community engagement, market incentives, and workforce training.

Protect Carbon in Place

Develop & Secure Legal Carbon Rights

Cultivate for Carbon

Implement Natural Climate Solutions in Forests & Fields

Take Action Together

Engage Landholders, Nonprofits, Businesses & Experts

Kulshan Carbon Trust puts people to work on public and private lands to protect existing carbon reserves and rebuild carbon stockpiles in soils and plants. We aim to create a network of nonprofit “carbon conservation trusts” working with landholders to decarbonize their operations in forests and fields in exchange for financial compensation or carbon credits.

Our Kulshan Carbon Trust is only the beginning. 

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Planetary Regeneration

In this episode, host Gregory Landua chats with Howard Sharfstein, co-founder and Board President of Kulshan Carbon Trust: a non-profit that promotes and enables regenerative natural climate solutions. Tune in to learn about carbon trusts, and what it means to take a multistakeholder approach to regenerative agriculture


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Kulshan Carbon Trust (KCT) is a nonprofit exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

EIN 86-3389232.

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