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We are on a mission to conserve and sequester carbon through collaborative natural climate solutions in Northwest Washington. We envision people working together to drawdown carbon in ways that regenerate the land and build prosperous communities.


Our innovative process uses multidisciplinary workgroups to engage local stakeholders in regenerative land use practices that reduce carbon emissions and sequester carbon in the ground. Alongside Kulshan Carbon Trust and our partners, landowners can confidently manage their holdings and realize economic benefits by securing and trading carbon assets while sustainably producing food and increasing resiliency in our communities. Down the line, we plan to train field teams to approach our neighbors well-prepared to tailor natural climate solutions that match their interests and the local environment. To do so, our workgroups are reviewing available data and using scientific methods to recommend drawdown solutions that achieve both mitigation and adaptation (i.e., agroforestry, silvopasture, biochar, and regenerative agriculture).  

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