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Community Biochar Program

The Kulshan Carbon Trust Community Biochar Program (CBP) is the successor to our 2022 Biochar Pilot Project, in which we established proof-of-concept for biochar production and valorization across Whatcom, Skagit, & Island counties.

Kulshan Carbon Trust has partnered with Whatcom and Skagit Conservation Districts to host a series of community workshops demonstrating low-tech biochar production using a Ring-of-Fire kiln.

The goal of the Community Biochar Program (CBP) is to create an incentive structure that will drive biochar production and application by providing land stewards with the necessary equipment, tools, and training to engage in this vital work. Based on long-standing indigenous practices, backed by widely accepted science, and supported by experts, the CBP will enable community members to convert various biomass waste streams into biochar, as well a provide an alternative disposal method for forest fuel reduction, reducing wildfire risk. Once properly applied, biochar will sequester carbon, regenerate soils, and create valuable eco-credits for voluntary carbon markets.

Scheduled Demonstrations

Image by Wren Meinberg

Fire Safety Demonstration

KCT has held a biochar demonstration for fire safety leaders in our service territory to engage feedback on best practices for biochar production to ensure safety and meet local and regional permit requirements during workshops, as well as distributed biochar production using Ring-of-Fire kilns.

Cloud Mountain Farm Internal Demonstration

This work will focus on providing Cloud Mountain Farm Center with the biochar production experience they need for our public demonstration a month later.

Image by GreenForce Staffing
Image by Vonecia Carswell

Cloud Mountain Farm Public Demonstration

This public biochar demonstration at Cloud Mountain Farm Center will focus on bringing the community together around biochar production and its various environmental benefits.

River Farm Demonstration

Our demonstration at River Farms aims to educate community members on the three main components of the biochar supply chain:

  • Feedstock

  • Production

  • Application

Image by Markus Spiske
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